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School Improvement & Ofsted Preparation
For ongoing School Improvement and Ofsted preparation, Classwatch Mobile or Fixed video lesson observation systems provide a powerful tool in terms of:

Leadership and Management

  • Lesson observations
  • CPD
  • Marketing and promotion of the school
  • Maximising valuable leadership time
  • Training and tutorials

Quality of Teaching

  • Lesson observations with dialogue
  • Reviewing learners and learning
  • Analysing learning and teaching
  • Monitoring behaviour
  • Disseminating best practice

Behaviour and Safety

  • Monitoring behaviour for learning
  • Tracking behaviour towards others
  • Focusing on behavioural issues
  • Identifying flashpoint areas
  • Enhancing personal security and safety

Achievement of Pupils

  • Raising pupil achievement
  • Matching provision to need
  • Revision and homework tool
  • Capturing effective learning
  • Assessment

school video systems lesson observation

Classwatch Wireless Mobile Lesson Recording Systems are lightweight, easy to set up and a brilliant tool for self evaluation, benchmarking best practice, supporting CPD and live coaching over the school network

school video systems lesson observation

Classwatch Fixed Video Lesson Recording Systems are for rooms needing a permanent solution such as food technology and lesson observatories. Fixed systems are recorded locally and can be switched on and off as required by the teacher.

classwatch mobile system
  • 1 easy to carry portable case
  • Simple to use
  • Low cost
  • Not network reliant
  • Lesson recording is controlled by teachers
  • Can be used inside and outside

  • easy to carry portable case
  • wireless hd cameras to record the whole classroom, front & back
  • wireless hd microphones for teacher, group and ambient audio
  • standalone set up for self evaluation
  • network compatible for live coaching
  • very easy to set up – book a demo!
  • low entry cost versus other lesson recording solutions

The best way to evaluate Classwatch is to have a lesson recorded!

You can then see and hear the benefits in your own environment and context.

We are offering to bring a Wireless Mobile to your school, record a lesson and review with you afterwards.

Classwatch Teaching Insights

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Education UK Blog

Talking Heads – Lesson Recording 

…what do teachers say about Classwatch lesson recordings?

The feedback from the staff  using video lesson recording is always very positive. ‘I have learnt more in 30 minutes about my teaching than I have learnt in the last 8 years’ is a common reaction.

Classwatch lesson recording system has a big impact on the way teachers teach and students learn. I would highly recommend it to any school wanting to improve. It’s a fantastic tool for sharing best practice.

Classwatch video lesson observation software is an invaluable training resource that has given us the ability to record outstanding teaching in our dedicated classroom.